The History of the Natur Chalet Piz Aich


A holiday surrounded by nature awaits you in our Natur Chalet Piz Aich in Avelengo near Merano. Enjoy this unique retreat and take inspiration from the panoramic views and the utter peace.  

We hit upon the name for our Natur Chalet while browsing through my father’s purchase documents: The entire area surrounding the chalets is, in fact, called Piz Aich. The small chapel below the house, consecrated to the protection of shepherds and cattle, is also named for the surrounding area and the meadow. So that’s the name we chose!

In 1976 my father, a hotelier in Scena, bought this holiday home in Avelengo, and it soon became our family bolthole. Three things were important to him: Taking a deep breath, letting go, and enjoying life. It has always been a place of relaxation and slowing down for myself and my children too, and we would always spent the summer at our getaway in Avelengo, where we found the time to devote to each other at last!

That's exactly what we want it to be for our guests. We made a joint decision to renovate the Natur Chalet Piz Aich completely, and transform it into the perfect haven for nature lovers - a house surrounded by nature, made in entirety from nature, giving you the chance to live at one with nature.

Let go, lie back and revel in the breathtaking views and the peace. Just as we have always done!

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